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The time to begin living a healthier lifestyle is the moment you finish this sentence! When it comes to fitness, persistence pays. A program that starts slowly and builds over time is far better than an exercise program that starts and ends quickly. Your exercise regimen should be sensible, enjoyable, safe, and consistent--that's what our Sh8pe programs provide!

The Programs

Get In Sh8pe 
Stay In Sh8pe 
Sh8pe it Up

​We believe weight loss is the by-product of living a healthy lifestyle.
​Our intentions are not to lose weight but to work on changing our lifestyle with the 8 Principles.  


Come for a day full of Fitness, Fun , Motivation and Inspiration. Upon a day at Camp, you'll be fired up to start, restart or step- up your healthy lifestyle journey.

Presented by our Team of Move More Ambassadors & Experts

Proceeds from this event benefit our Ambassador Program , Monthly Challenges and the host Gym or charity choice.


Along with the #MoveMoreFitness hashtag, use these hashtags on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

#MoveMoreMonday is an accountability, fun and motivational Instagram Challenge. Moving more on Monday is a sure way to keep moving all week long. Prizes are occasionally awarded and winners featured!

​#WorkOutWednesday is our own weekly social media contest and initiative to help others move more towards a healthier lifestyle.

One winner will be featured on our Instagram page and prizes occasionally awarded!


Be a part of the Move More Fitness Team! 


We are searching for Fitness Brand Ambassadors. Do you love fitness and enjoy inspiring others to get up and get moving?  If so, then becoming a Move More Fitness Ambassador could be for you!

As an Ambassador, you will inspire others to get up and #MoveMore, through social media sites, blog posts on our site, and community events.